Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Much Knitting

I'm still trying to stay on purpose with a knitting blog, but, man, Ravelry really is so much more useful for all this stuff: projects and I know that only Rav users will be able to use this link (yeah, I know there is a non-member way to link, but I've totally forgotten it because, well, who's not a Rav member yet these days, huh?) but really, who's reading this blog anyway?

Suffice to say, there has been much knitting, so much knitting that I seem to have given myself an injury and I really should stop knitting, but I'm making socks with stripes now, and the urge to get through "just one more stripe sequence" is car--razy and I'm knitting myself into a repetitive stress injury and am powerless to stop it.

Only thing I can say right now is, thank Sod there are only 3 episodes of Sherlock extant, or I would probably be in a sling right now