Monday, May 25, 2009

100 Things, part III

Dos ici

21. I've never seen Titanic.
22. I never plan on seeing Titanic.
23. I have, however, seen the original 3 Star Wars films at least 100 times each.
24. If I could be any animal, it would be an otter. Otters just rock.
25. I have a tattoo on my head.
26. I have 3 cats and am dangerously close to becoming one of those "cat ladies".
27. I'm really a dog person, but can't have a dog, hence the growing cat harem.
28. I have hitchhiked across (most of) Canada.
29. When I was 8 I wanted to change my name to Starr. Yes, with 2 r's.
30. I cringe to think of that now.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Managed to finish a few things, most importantly my first pair of socks!

Mirasol Chirapa on 2.5mm needles.  Kate Gilbert's generic sock worksheet followed loosely (very loosely, my first sock from her worksheet fit The Boy's size 15EEE feet).

Made a ditty bag to hold my clap in progress.

Moda Dea bamboo, don't remember the needles.  After finishing the clap, I'm going to felt the bag and line it to make it a bit sturdier and use it for sock projects.

Araucania Ranco solid 106 Monkey on 2.25mm needles for my dainty footed niece (Xmas present.)

The first of another pair of Mirasol Chirapa socks, this time for The Boy, much larger and in a 3x1 rib on 2.75mm needles.

Manitou Passage Scarf for yet another neice for Xmas, in Cascade 220 Heathers Light Gray, on 5mm needles.  I'll be making a (relatively) matching slouchy hat and some mittens to go with this scarf.  Will add on a pair of socks too, since I've been told by sis that all the family will "definitely appreciate" a pair of handmade socks for Xmas.  What have I gotten myself into here?

Still getting a hang of this photographing projects thing.  I've never been a good photographer, and my camera is crap, so getting better equipment and learning how to take a good photograph is on my long-term to do list. 

100 Things, part deux

Part uno here.

11. I learned to knit when I was 7 or so, but didn't learn anything other than a knit stitch, so made the world's most boring and itchy doll blankets and scarves for a couple of months, then gave up.
12. I've largely taught myself to knit using the internet (Oh You Tube, where would I be without knitting videos and every episode of Spaced?)
13. Further on the above, I taught myself to read when I was 3 (not that astounding, my older siblings were all in school and I desperately wanted to do EVERYTHING they were doing, all the time.)
14. My favorite author is JRR Tolkein.
15. Despite all geeky appearances, I have never dressed up in character costume for a comic-con.
16. With my friends, I consider #15 a personal accomplishment (Arcturian Space Bunny being a popular costume among some of my girl-friends.)
17. I have a (nearly) 16 year old son, and this freaks the hell out of me on a daily basis.
18. I love spicy, exotic foods. Favorite cuisines are Laotian, Nigerian, Sechuan and Indian of any sort.
19. I can make moccasins.
20. Despite the fact that my parents only spoke English, my father's accent was so thick that I often had to translate for him when I was a child.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sock madness

Ok, I admit that for 30 some odd years I have been baffled as to why anyone would want to hand knit socks.  You can buy perfectly good socks, in just about any colour or style you can think of, so why would anyone want to spend hours and hours making something that no one sees or cares about.

And then I made a sock.

The 1st step is to admit you have a problem and are powerless to control it. 

I now have a sock yarn bin.  And 2 LYS within walking distance.

What's step 2?  Who cares, pass me my dpn's!