Monday, April 20, 2009

More Yarn Gluttony

Oy Vey am I in trouble.  

So I now have not one, but two really, really good yarn stores within walking distance of my home, even worse, within biking distance (I have a basket on my bike, double the carrying capacity!)

So after dropping close to $400 at Wolseley Wardrobe, I went down to check out Ram Wools new worker owned co-op store.   Ouch my wallet.  It's all for Xmas, I keep reminding myself.  Except it's not, not by a long shot.

But c'mon, 750yds of Fleece Artist Nyoni for $20? Like you'd say no!  And yes, I'm crazy, I'm planning to make sweaters from this sock yarn.  I'm planning on something really loose and drapey for summer and early fall/spring.  I bought 2 skeins each of two different colourways.  One a very summery blue/green/red close to the skein on the right in that link above (it's darker irl) and one a very bright orange/red/yellow/rust that will be for fall.  Maybe I'll make stoles and shawls out of that one instead, I'll see how I feel in October or so when I get around to it.

And yes, there was more.  They have a bargain yarn wall.  A whole WALL, divided by colourway.  I tried not to go nuts.  Bought some Diamond Luxury Baby Alpaca Lace in Fern to make this, which I'm hoping to have done for Folk Fest in July.  I also bought an Addi Turbo Lace circ and this is making the Clapotis go much, much faster.  Not only the needle itself, but the fact that I need it to make Muir and I can't start on my shawl until I'm done that millstone around my neck, I mean, lovely scarf for my lovely sister...

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