Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Getting some nice progress going on the Clapotis, finally, and have settled down on a plan for The Boy's hat--use up the 2nd skein of dark green Cascade with a light green heather biohazard symbol from this chart. The Boy likes this plan.

Since I have a deep, chthonic, primal need for list making, I'm wanting to write out the knitting skills I want to learn this year:

1) short rows, what are they and how do I get me some?
2) socks--see #1--they seem to be required for socks
3) make a sweater, any sweater, something really basic, this one, probably. I have made a sweater in the past, but that was over a decade ago, for a toddler, and never completely finished, so I feel like I'm missing out on some basic garment construction knowledge
4) lace--damn you lace, I will be your master, someday
5) Magic Sock Cast-On--I feel like I'm not really a complete person if I don't know all of the possible cast-ons, or at least most. Apparently I'm one of those kind of knitters.
6) Kitchener stitch and other grafting techniques. I don't know any. That ain't good.

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