Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Hate Winnipeg

I`m a Winnipeger, born and raised, and like virtually everyone else in this city, I have muttered the title of this blog post more than once (sometimes more than once a day), during our near polar winters.  It`s such a common statement that local band The Weakerthans have written a song unoffically called I Hate Winnipeg (actually called One Great City.)

But reading knitting blogs from around the world, it occurs to me that there may be some knitters out there who might be a tad envious of the 6 month long, 40 below (F or C doesn`t matter, the scale meets up at about -44), colder than Moscow, so cold my eyelids freeze together when I blink kind of winters (seriously, frozen shut!)  I have ample opportunities to knit all sorts of winter gear, and no end of takers for any kind of hand knit I can pump out.  The idea of a teenager turning down a tuque or pair of mittens because they are hand knit or uncool is pretty foreign to me.  I guess there is an upside to living in Winnipeg.

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