Sunday, March 22, 2009


So I finally figured out how to download photos onto my laptop (and by figuring it out, I mean I finally got The Boy to do it for me, lol.)

I have 4 days off work, starting yesterday, so I very happily sat all day in bed, knitting and listening to BBC radio crime productions (mostly Hercule Poirot.)  Nearly finished The Boy's Dashing gloves, just have the second thumb to work on.  I didn't want to pick up the thumb when I was tired and the light was bad, learned that the hard way from the first on.

Printed out a spreadsheet for Clapotis from Soul Knitting that is absolutely brilliant and really, really helpful.  So I got quite a bit done on the Clap, then dropped a damn stitch and had to frog back about 3-4 rows.  Grr.  I'm hoping that I won't have so much trouble with this pattern once I get past the increase rows.  I don't know why I'm having so much trouble with it.  It's not really a hard pattern, but I just can't knit it on automatic and I'm not used to putting so much concentration into each stitch and row.

I'm really happy with the colour of this yarn, it's for my sis and I think she'll love the colours.  I'm hoping to get it done for her birthday at the end of April, but we'll see.

I'm nearly done the My So Called Scarves I started for Xmas (d'oh!)  I will be giving away the first scarf, but I think I will keep the 2nd one for myself, I've started a Foliage in Malabrigo that matches nicely.  The colour in that photo is awful, it's really a very nice medium pink.

Speaking of which, I have to apologize for the bad photos, but I just really wanted to get some photos up and took these at about 3 am in horrid light.  It's cloudy and crappy out today, but we usually have very bright sun so I should be able to post better, natural light photos of FO's (should I ever have any FO's, I seem to enjoy starting projects, but not the finishing part, lol.)

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