Friday, March 6, 2009

New blog smell

Because I seem to think that I have too much free time, here I go with the blogging thing again.  My last blog was a homeschooling blog, but since The Boy is going to a brick and mortar school now (for now, fingers crossed), I let that one drop a while ago.  

I gots bitten by the knitting bug again this winter, and I'd really like to produce more than scarves, finally, so I'm hoping that I'll have more than swatches and a few stitch patterns to post here.

Of course, though, my current projects are almost all scarves--2 My So Called Scarves that were supposed to be Xmas presents but working at a restaurant over Xmas turned out to be pretty freaking busy (surprise surprise), so they'll be birthday presents, or early FO's for next Xmas.  One is in Manos in the Caribe colourway, and the other is a baby llama in a pink so pink I'm embarrased to be seen in public with it, but man, is it soft and pretty.
Same goes for the Clapotis I'm making for the sis.  She'll be 45 in April, so maybe will make that one quickly, if I can just get it started without making some sort of fatal error and frogging it for the umpteenth time.  I decided to go with a thinner yarn than the pattern called for, a Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in the Pilsen colourway.

Last nice thing on my needles right now is Dashing for The Boy, a dark green tweedy Irish wool who's name I can't remember.  The wool is pretty scratchy (The Boy doesn't notice things like that, at least, not if he likes the garment, if he doesn't like it, mohair would feel like barbed wire to him), and the colour is really, really dark so it's hard to knit in anything but full sunlight.  Not much of that to go around in the winter, so it's looking like I will have The Boy's winter goodies ready just in time for spring (d'oh!)

The rest of the stuff on my needles right now are the permanent Granny's Favorite Dishcloth that lives on my spare pair of 4.5 mm needles.  I can never have enough dishcloths.  I'm also fiddling around with making some stitch pattern swatches and piecing them together into an afghan next winter.  I've got tons of cheap acrylic worsted sitting around from when I was teaching myself to knit (again) a few years ago, and figure it would make a good blanket for The Boy, one that I wouldn't be too heartbroken if he destroyed it (as he is the Destroyer of All Things.)

Also in my queue of things to do is to either get a new digital camera, or figure out what's wrong with the one I have right now, so I can start posting some pics of what I hope will soon be a giant pile of FO's to show off.

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