Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh Frabjous Day!

Calloo Callay!

The best yarn store in the city, the one my mom used to go to when I was a kid and she was knitting great Mary Maxim and Buffalo sweaters in the 70`s, the one that moved to the middle of an industrual park and has been virtually inaccesible to me for 20 years, is moving back to the inner city.  And they are moving less than a mile away, next to the Dairy Queen, right down the street from my local grocery and pharmacy.  Across the street from a great girly clothes consignment store and the local Italian grocery.  

So, basically, I`m going to be very happy and very broke for a long time.

On a knitting note, finally figured out the thumb gusset in the round for The Boy`s Dashing gloves, and have finished one.  I`ve got the other down to the start of the cable round and should be finished by the weekend.  

Bought some cheap yarn today to start a Radiating Star Blanket for a co-workers baby who`s due in June or so.  Phentex Chunky, cheap, but still a nice colourway and, most importantly, machine wash and dry-able.  For some strange reason no one had a set of 6mm dpn`s or circs anywhere.  Michael`s only had some really expensive bamboo needles, and I`m not a big fan of bamboo needles, at least not the ones I`ve bought at Michael`s, so no way was I going to spend 30 bucks on needles I`ll hate.  So I bought 6.5 mm, and some chunky yarn to make socks for The Boy.  He`s asked for `soft and big`, so that`s what he`s gonna get.  The yarn is in the other room, and I`m too tired and lazy to get up and check it, so I`ll post about it later.  I do have a pretty good excuse, it as -39 outside today when I went shopping, it hasn`t been that cold for at least a month now, and it`s funny how quickly you forget just how cold 40 below is.  Yikes!

Still working on the camera thing.  Have to find the software for my camera and install it on my laptop (heretofore known as Sheila), and check out how the camera is working.  Hopefully I can have some pictures of my current projects up here within a week.

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